Well, all right, why Pembroke Welsh Corgwyn? We tried and loved Jack Russell Terriers, but there wasn't very much left alive around our place, cats, ducks, chickens, and geese included. We have had many breeds of dogs in our lifetimes and have found no other breed as eager to please, as quick to figure out how to please, as personally clean and fastidious about their house-breaking, and just generally as lovable and trouble-free as these wonderful little stumpy smilers.

These dogs are enjoyable and companionable friends who love to hang out with you while you do your farm chores, help herd the geese, and just generally be where you are. They are active but not hyper, friendly but not slavish, interested but not obsessive. They are incredibly intelligent without being sneaky. I guess it's only fair to say that they are also strong-willed and need people to live with who can bring them up to want and expect to be obedient. It took us many years to find what we consider the perfect dog, but here they are.

We'd sure like to show you some pictures of our Corgwyn:

Immer Essen Farm
Corgi Puppies

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