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Page 3 of Corgis
from Immer Essen Farm
who have e-mailed home

Sally Johnston (Llew x Birdie)

Nissa and Jessie Vines settling in

Nissa Vines grown up picture (Tali x Birdie)

Teddy Steadman (Piper x Zoot) with Winnie Steadman

Bo Eckler (Tali x Birdie) and his new Tri brother Carson Eckler

Lily Steadman enjoying the couch (Llewy x Faith)

Watts Hodges (Journey x Hufflepuff)

Sirius Durfee having a party (Tali x Birdie)
Lacy Morehead (Vortigern x Blodeuedd)

Abby Ferguson - Age 8 Years

Troubles Elletson
(Vortigern x Peapod)

(Rupert x Layla and Simon x Layla)

Rambo and Nikki McIntyre (Nelwyn x Uther & Colgrin x Aife)

And an updated Nikki McIntyre

Zelda Barton (Tali x Birdie) and friend

Breckin Vickers (Gawain x Oola)

Iola Vickers and Family (Colgrin x Imogen)

Fred Keltner  (Tali x Faith)

Fred Keltner  at Mardi Growl 2010

Goldie Victorson (Mulberry x Dove) with her sister Sox and neighbor Em

Bandit (Mulberry x Dove) and Dixie Wojtowicz

Romeo DeLeo (Journey x Ruff)

Baxter VanKooten (Colgrin x Aife)

Angus Engram (Colgrin x Oola)

Teapot Davis and Family (Colgrin x Peapod)

Petal Filkins (Vortigern x Peapod)

Shelby Filkins (Vortigern x Peapod)

Varra Brown
(Vortigern x Blodeuedd)

Sadie Blancett (Llew x Emmeline) and Abby

Bacchus Kendrick (Llew x Creirwy)
Dakota Lanning (Llew x Faith)

Gracie Wells (Llew x Creirwy)

Gracie Wells & new little sister Maddy Wells (Jimi x Nimue)

Augustus Simpson (Colgrin x Emmeline)

Skena Wooten - 7 years old update!
(Vortigern x Peapod)

Sadie Yaskiewicz - 9 years (Vort x Peapod)

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