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Page 1 of Corgis
from Immer Essen Farm
who have e-mailed home

Best friends Gracie & Gryffin Sooter
(Tali x Faith)

Jake Mahla and his friend Monkey Mahla
(Jazz x Oola)

Cooper Richardson & Friend
(Colgrin x Creirwy)

Stedman Rizkalla (Piper x Daffodil)

Emma Robitaille (Jimi x Nimue)

Fergus Atchley (Piper x Daffodil)

Ho Ho Ho

Nimue Springer (Llew x Ceridwen) behind her new brother Sonny.

Dixie Poteat (Llew x Zoot)

Georgia Poteat (Llew x Faith)

Leia Neff-Parnello (Piper x Zoot)

Maggie Allison - 1 year old!  (Llew x Faith)

Lester Allen (Vortigern x Aife)

Leo Hanson - "Best Behaved Dog!"
(Volt x Imogen)

CeeCee Balkow (Tali x Birdie) & new sister Maggie Balkow

Barley Smith (and his sandbox)
(Vortigern x Blodeuedd)

Charlotte Johnson (Gwion x Ceridwen)

Mandy Higdon & family at Pet Training Graduation! (Jimi x Nimue)

Maximus Cook out standing in his field (Piper x Zoot)
with a fine goat friend

Percy Warren (Piper x Delia) and new brother Frasier Warren

Henry Fink and his best friend Kipi Fink (Llewy x Zoot)

Henry Fink and his Birthday Cake

Henry after eating the whole cake?

Henry Fink on a Snowy Bench

Celyn Nolan in the Snow (Vortigern x Peapod)

Murphy Roupas in the Snow
(Vortigern x Peapod)

Gryffin Ledwell sampled the snow
(Llew x Creirwy)

Bodi Redmond, coming through 10" of powdered snow,
with style & enthusiasm (Gwion x Ceridwen)

Franny and Jasper Lawrimore in the Snow

Caroline Redmond (Jazz x Oola)

Franny (Llew x Zoot) and Jasper (Piper x Ruff) Lawrimore and their buddy Burnie Davis

Franny Lawrimore graduating from
Advanced Level Obedience!

Henry Diez with his family (Llew x Faith)

Henry Diez and Family - all together in 2009

Fenway Archer, receiving the TUMMY RUB! (Llewy x Creirwy)

Abby Ferguson relaxing with Becca (Jimi x Daffodil)

Sophie Ross (Llew x Faith) and her new Aunt Chloe

Sophie Ross and the Welcome Bear

Arthus Rodriguez (Gawain x Nimue)

Broderic Rodriguez (Jimi x Oola)

Bella Rose Freeman (Mulberry x Kestrel) and Bethany

Bo Eckler out hiking with Dad!

Willoughby Owens (Mulberry x Dove) & Another Family Member

Sammy Ledwell
(Llew x Ceridwen)

Sammy & Huey Ledwell (Llew x Creirwy)

Lillie Mae Warrick having a comfy snooze (Tali x Faith)

Sir Bud Lite Warrick and his sister Lillie Mae Warrick

Ruby Schenk (Colgrin x Kate)

Abby Rhea and her new grown-up friend Sandy Rhea
(Gawain x Oola)

An update on Abby and Sandy

And Abby's 4th Birthday party!

Baxter Blevins (Llewy x Gwen) and Elvis Blevins

Jalapeno Schulze (Jimi x Nimue) and The Cat

Layla Weaver (Journey x Twisk)

True Love Brucchieri (Journey x Piper)

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