Summarized from those guidelines set by
the World Haflinger Federation and the Haflinger Horse Breeders Association of Tyrol

Height/      Between 13.2 and 14.3 hands high (138 to 150 centimeters or 54.33  
 Length:     to 59 inches) inclusive at the withers and, when viewed from the
             side, presents a distinct rectangle.  Most desirable height for 
             mares being 13.3 to 14.2 hands and most desirable height for 
             stallions being 14 to 14.3 hands.
Head:        Expressive, noble, lean and harmonious.  Feminine features for 
             mares, sterner, more masculine lines for stallions.
             A slight dish is preferred.
Poll:        Finely formed.
Jowls:       Open and slender.
Neck:        Sufficiently long and well set.  Not to be too deeply set on body
             nor displaying a "ewe."
Shoulder:    Long and well sloped from the withers to the chest.
Withers:     Well pronounced and long enough to provide good saddle position.
Chest:       Sufficiently broad.
Mid-Section: Well-connected to both forehand and hindquarters, with sufficient          
             girth and curved, deep ribs.
Back:        Sufficiently long and well tensioned with no sagging.
Croup:       Long with neither too steep a slope nor too pronounced molding.
Tail:        Not too deeply set.
Buttocks:    Well muscled and powerful.
Flanks:      Deep set and well muscled.
Legs:        Lean and dry and correctly set with joints clearly defined.
             Knees should be broad and flat.  Hocks must be wide and powerful
             and corrrectly set, neither turned out nor "cow hocked."
             Pasterns should be medium length and well developed.
             Hooves should be round, distinct and hard, neither too small nor
             too steeply angled; the frog should be full and not narrow.
             White markings on legs are not desirable but are allowed.
Body Color:  Any shade of chestnut from very blonde to liver chestnut.
             Some dappling is permitted.
Mane & Tail: Light, white to flaxen.  Red and gray in the mane are not desirable.
Stride:      Should be long, elastic and rhythmic.  Although small in stature,
             the Haflinger should in no way be "pony" gaited.

Source: Haflinger Breeders Organization, Inc.

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