Immer Essen Gwenhwyvar "Gweny"
dob June 3, 2006
VWD clear by parentage - DM A/A

OFA preliminary Fair (13 mos)
CERF 5/05/07 *
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Foxllyn-Jimanie Sweet Raphael

Red and White

OFA good
Fluff carrier by DNA
vwd clear by vetgen dna

Ch. Llandians Super Sweet

OFA good

Ch. Salvenik Sweet Thoughts

OFA fair
EngCh. Cordach Tribune
Sire Cordach Supermex EngCh. Super Guy of Pemland
Cordach Katrina
Dam Cordach Keri
EngCh. Belroyd Nut Cracker
Cordach Crystal
EngCh. Kilvewood Ode to Joy of Salvenik
Sire EngCh. Courtllyn Cadofael
Courtllyn Canaletto of Ashbarton
Courtllyn Hey Diddle
Dam Kilvewood Royal Icing
EngCh. Blaizewood Royal Jester
EngCh. Kilvewood Ice on Fire
Ch. Llandians Touch of Elegance

OFA good
Ch. Revelmere Bring Me Joy
OFA good
Sire EngCh. Pemland Magnus
EngCh. Lees Mastermind
Pemland Royal Romance
Dam Vennwoods Tritoma of Revelmere
Ch. Revelmere Cock-a-Hoop
Vennwoods Penny Black
Ch. Llandian's Crystal Elegance
OFA fair
Sire Ch. Skokholm Consulate
OFA good

EngCh. Pemland Ambassador
EngCh. Skokholm Choir Girl
Dam Heronsway Shady Lady
Ch. Cote de Neige Jewel Thief
Ch. Tymawr Rambler CD

Ch. Saddle Lanes Autumn Angel

OFA fair

Nebriowa Front and Center

OFA excellent
Ch. Magnum of Vennwoods
OFA excellent
Sire EngCh. Pemland Magnus EngCh. Lees Mastermind
Pemland Royal Romance
Dam Vennwoods Carrie-Ann Ch. Venwoods Funtastic of Kenjean
Vennwoods Kismet
Ch. Nebriowa Stitch in Time OFA good
Sire Ch. Nebriowa Christian Dior OFA good
Ch. Martindale Drummer Boy
Ch. Nebriowa Coco Chanel
Dam Larchmonts Smithereens
Ch. Nebriowa The Blacksmith CDX
Larchmonts Johanna
Ch. Cypress Astoria

OFA good
Ch. Courtllyn Chagal
OFA good
Sire EngCh. Ormareon Oddfellow of Ashbarton
Ashbarton Cardinal
Spellbound Marina of Ormareon
Dam Pendcrest Carefree Belroyd Hyperion
Pendcrest Celeste
Cypress Delta Dawn
OFA good
Sire Ch. Nebriowa The Blacksmith CDX Penways Silversmith
Cappykorn's Crescent
Dam Cypress Enuf Said
Ch. Nebriowa Enuf is Enuf
Rosewood Nebriowa Pin-Up
CR Shadytime Gal Hailey

Sable and White

Fluff free by DNA
vwd clear by vetgen dna

CanCh. Lauredspar's John Smith
CanCh. Texanda's The Magician
CanCh. Texanda's Country Boy
Sire Ch. Stonecroft's Simply Sinful Ch. Blands Lucky
CanCh. Stonecroft's Stocking Stuffer
Dam Texanda's Hesper CanCh. Brandy Snap Of Peggysmill
CanCh. Peggysmill Texandra Thistle
Texanda's Centre Fold
Sire BIS Ch. Fox Meadow's Dirty Dan Ch. Nebriowa Jordache Fox Meadow ROMX
Ch. Clayfield Paisley ROMX
Dam Texanda's Custom Made Ch. BIS Texanda's Stagecoach
Texanda's First Class
Lauredspar Ariel of Chanshek
Ch. Redcliff Strut One's Stuff CD.
Sire CanCh. Polruan Wild and Wonderful Ch. Polruan Play for Fun
Polruan Quiet Moment
Dam CanCh. Curig Sunset Seranade Ch. Penmoel Star Quarte
Ch. Curig Sunflower
Ch. Redcliff Chanda Girl CD.
Sire Curig's Proud Woody Ch. Stonecroft's Curig Schoolmaster
Ch. Curig Sunflower
Dam Ch. Curig Sunset Serenade Ch. Penmoel Star Quarte
Ch. Curig Sunflower
Ikes Shadytime Gal
Ike's A'Hollywood Dude
Rambo's A Cool Dude
Sire Winchester Rude Awakening
GQH London Wood
Deckers Lady Kesha Nicole
Dam Cadillac Cassie
Happy Critic of Waldsee
Mercedes Benz
Here I Come Hollywood
Sire Foxfire's Red Fred
Rishmi's Wylie Wascal
Foxfire's Indian Creek Souix
Dam Robbins Nest Halla
Ch. Nebriowa Four Winds Budman
Emily's Emmy Lou
Coldspring's Shadytime Sasha
Clae's Gorgeous George
Sire Sir Gorgeous George Gareth
Northwood Crossley Request
Northwood Spunky Bunky
Dam Claes Foxy Sadie
Crazy R's Silent Whisper
Leonhaus Gremlin
Stoneygates Undercover Angel
Sire Ch. Nebriowa Chief Detective
Ch. Nebriowa Greenforest Ranger
Ch. Nebriowa Double Stitch
Dam Stoneygates High Flyer Wynde
Ch. Windyle Extravagance
High Flyer Rowdie Heather
* Breeders Option Iris to Iris PPM's - Description from CERF site (you can get further information on that site):
"In general, iris to iris PPMs cause no problems. They may be single strands or a forked structure. These PPMs may break and become less prominent as the puppy gets older, but they usually do not disappear completely. . .  PPMs are found in many breeds of dog. In most of these breeds, iris to iris PPMs are classified by CERF as a "breeder option" problem. This means that most of the PPMs which have been reported in these breeds have been small and are probably sporadically occurring and not hereditary defects."